The time has come to pass on things that burden you to a specialist in storage and distribution. Do you still have an out of date platform for your e-shop which does not provide a modern approach to addressing your customers? How can the required products be found within 20 seconds? Does product administration and running the e-shop place a burden on you? We are here to help you.

Why us?

  • our team consists of almost 70 experienced staff, who regularly deal with the complete running of e-shops
  • we provide storage facilities
  • our system is ready, there is no need to develop anything new
  • we are able to adjust to market requirements, such as increasing capacity during autumn and around Christmas time
  • our transportation prices are amongst the most competitive available and we offer our own express transportation service
  • we provide sales support, we run the so-called Green telephone line and host online chats
  • we train new product specialists
  • you will save on e-shop set up costs and the costs of building a whole new logistics process

What will you get?

  • a ready made solution for your e-shop at
  • an established team, that will provide everything that is required
  • a system that we will continuously adapt to meet modern trends
  • positive customer feedback

What we know

  • we will deliver goods the day after they have been ordered by the customer
  • we serve the Czech, Polish and Slovak markets